Mosasaurus is a legendary tournament aquatic creature. It's appearance marked the arrival of tournaments, a feature released September 30, 2015.


Cost and Time to Hatch
Availability Tournament (unlocks)/Trade Harbor (does not unlock)
Incubation Period 4 Days 20 Hours (1,184 Bucks)
Placement Cost 5,000 DNA
Coin Production Rates 161,280/12 Hours
Health (Max) 1,915
Attack (Max) 599
Cooldown Time 9 Hours 2 Minutes (131 Bucks)

Images of Level 10-40


Level 1-10


Level 11-20


Level 21-30


Level 31-40


  • Despite being a tournament creature, it does not have the tournament exclusive background on it's card.
  • Mosasaurus is featured as an iconic character in the movie Jurassic World, known for finishing off the Indominus Rex.
  • It is much weaker than it's tournament companions, the Edestus and Archelon, it's stats similar to a base legendary aquatic creature.
  • When Mosasaurus was first released, it had a different card image, and a different animation. It has changed to the one we know now ever since December 11, 2015.
  • Before December 11, 2015, Mosasaurus was fed an enormously upscaled great white shark.
  • Before December 11, 2015, Mosasaurus's icon was similar to Therizinosaurus and Dimorphodon's old icon, a dark gold on the top and bottom sides and a bright gold part crossing the diagonal.