Welcome to the Jurassic World The Game JWTG WikiEdit

Jurassic World The Game is free to play game with millions of people playing it. Make sure to help out within the wiki!


The glorious links of the sites that inspired me to make the page. Go check it out!

I found out how terribly worked the Jurassic World the Game articles were, and after I helped out in it, my work was reverted by some admin.

At the same time though, I was able to have the brains and skills to make this little wikia, dedicated to the game of Jurassic World itself! It has more information than other JWTG wikias, where unlike them, aren't rushed into progress. So come check this wikia out! For the moment it's the most informational wikia of JWTG without rushed pages and useless clutter.

Great Channels of JWTGEdit

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